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TSalon: Take Your Beauty
Salon Business to Mobile

Give your salon business a makeover with the TSalon app. Upgrade your salon experience with expert software design solutions to highlight what makes your business the best.

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What Is TSalon?

The TSalon application offered by Techware Lab is an innovative approach to streamlining the workflows of hair salons, beauty spas, hairdressers, massage parlors, and beauty salons. Expert web design and a personalized online platform outfit the software suite to your needs.

TSalon beauty salon scheduling software gives salon owners the ability to host a complete list of all offered services and allows customers to book within seconds from their mobile devices. Our salon scheduling app is perfect for salon owners, employees, and renters. TSalon fully supports both Android and iOS.

Enhance the way you market your business. With TSalon, you can leverage personalized marketing to increase bookings, share promotions, and more.


Discover New Salon Experiences

The TSalon on-demand beauty salon app equips users with modern tools for finding appointments with the right beauty professionals. Select your date, choose your salon, and book the service appointment with just a few taps.


Let More People Know of Your Services

TSalon allows salon owners to enhance their beauty business through online registration and presence. Advertise your offers, services, and promotions to potential customers and build a loyal client base today.


Enhance Management With an Elegant UI

Salon administrators can use TSalon to manage settings and internal operations for an entire salon. The user-friendly interface ensures that everyone can find, advertise, and manage professional services effectively with just a touch.

TSalon Features

  • 1
    Simple and Elegant Design
  • 2
    User Management
  • 3
    Security Key for Bulk Data Protection
  • 4
    Online Salon Booking
  • 5
    Store Locator
  • 6
    Google API Based Searching
  • 7
    Cash Payment Option
  • 8
    Filter By Services, Prices and offers, Gender and Location

About Techware Lab

Techware Lab provides top design capabilities and software solutions to create industry-specific apps and elevate your salon business. Choose our experts in web design to enhance your online presence and beauty management solutions. TSalon makes running a salon and growing your client base an optimized process for ultimate business success.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a beauty salon app?

A beauty salon scheduling app is ideal for standalone salons or a chain of salon venues. You will need to work with a specialized software development company to build your beauty salon app. Here at Techware, we build the best beauty salon apps to attract users, highlight key services, and grow your business. Contact us to get your free quote now.

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