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5 Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation Services

April 2022

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Using staff augmentation services is an excellent solution for companies looking to reduce operational costs while increasing productivity and efficiency. Before implementing these services, it is critical to understand what it means, in order to be successful with an augmented team.

What exactly is staff augmentation?

Staff augmentation entails supplementing an in-house team with experts on a project basis, either for a short or long term. It means that you can fill a team's skill gap by hiring dedicated specialists who will match specific project needs while eliminating the chaos and liabilities associated with hiring in-house employees. And the best place to find them is through specialized talent sourcing agencies or development companies.

This is the perfect way to find staff who are ready to join your project in just a few days. The best part is that there is no need to deal with issues such as recruitment, training, payroll management, office space administration, and all other admin and legal issues which are handled by the firm. The right agency or company will maintain a database of professional profiles from which you can select to safely expand your company with vetted developers. This is especially useful for organizations that need to hire professionals with varying levels of skill and competence on a project basis. Here are 5 benefits of IT staff augmentation services:

1. Reduce your recruitment time

Planning and organizing the recruitment process takes a significant amount of time and resources. Where you must draft a job description and post it on multiple job portals, devote time for shortlisting and interviewing candidates. If you happen to hit a rock during this process, you will need to abort and restart it.

And if you can't afford that, staff augmentation can be a lifesaver, especially if you work with vendors. Where the entire task of recruiting falls on the staff augmentation firm when using IT staff augmentation services, which keep a large database of specialists on hand to quickly match them to your needs. Your remote development team can be up and running in a matter of days.

2. Understand Your Clients/Customers

Hiring full-time employees for the sole purpose of working on a specific project wastes time, money, and effort. Instead, businesses can supplement existing teams with specialized professionals who will only be on-site for a limited time. This saves money on salaries, benefits, and other costs associated with hiring someone full-time who may or may not have the necessary skills to work on a specific project. In other words, staff augmentation allows businesses to hire for the short-term, immediate, and specific needs of the business without sacrificing the quality of talent they bring on board.

3. Keep control of augmented staff

When you outsource your project to a third party, you are effectively entrusting your work to strangers. Staff augmentation, on the other hand, allows you to work with a temporary team. Therefore one of the primary reasons why businesses rely on staff augmentation is complete ownership and control. Even if they hire team members from outside sources to work on a specific project, the clients will have complete control over guiding and managing the team members as well as monitoring the project thereby giving them complete ownership of their project as well as team members.

4. Add flexibility to your project

You may require faster development at times in order to meet customer needs, meet a specific deadline, and reduce time to market. Staff augmentation allows you to simply scale up your entire software development process by adding more members to your team on-demand rather than going through a complex hiring process. Furthermore, if the workload is reduced, it will be easier to scale down and optimize the members of your team in order to reduce costs.

5. Find talented professionals

When you have a defined workforce, you can only access the knowledge that your employees have. Your company's growth becomes stalled due to a lack of new ideas and opinions. Here staff augmentation can provide a fresh perspective by bringing in a diverse group of software development professionals. It will further enable you to boost your current operations by implementing new ideas.

We know that staff augmentation can be extremely beneficial and can give your company a competitive advantage while also giving you more control over projects. Reach out to our experts to see how Techware Lab can help you with staff augmentation. You can book a free consultation here to learn more.

Reach out to our experts to see how Techware Lab can help you with staff augmentation. You can book a free consultation here to learn more.