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TRide: Self-Drive Car
Rental Software

Upgrade to a central hub for your vehicle rental service. Eliminate complicated rental processes through an all-in-one rental platform and raise revenue instantly.

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What Is TRide?

Looking for a car rental system for your business? Techware Lab is proud to present TRide, an advanced application for managing vehicle rentals. This simple and innovative app enables you to manage bookings efficiently and respond to customer inquiries quickly.

TRide is an on-demand automated car rental management software suite and an end-to-end solution for rental businesses to raise profitability. Designed for all rental companies from small to large, TRide offers a highly customizable rental booking system.

Give your customers everything they need to browse and book rental cars through a responsive platform that offers full visibility into your services, customer interactions, and more.


Empower Clients With a Responsive Platform

City Ride features a quick login setup and a content management system for the efficient creation of site content. Users may receive notifications after each successful booking. Best of all, the entire source code is customizable, allowing you to add your own touches.


Gain More Control Over Your Business

City Ride’s integrated administrator panel gives businesses the ability to track bookings, pickups, and drop-offs each day. Each user can see the status of car bookings in real-time for easy car management and convenient delivery capabilities.


Access All the Information You Need in One Place

Keep a useful database of all the information your business needs to operate, including thousands of car model profiles and dealership locations. Users can calculate relevant tariffs, availability, and the statistics of individual vehicles in real-time.

TRide Features

  • 1
    Real-Time Availability Tracking
  • 2
    Rapid Login System
  • 3
    Flexible Rental Options
  • 4
    Simple Content Management System
  • 5
    Tariff Calculator
  • 6
    PayPal Integration
  • 7
    1,000+ Vehicle Database
  • 8
    Multiple Dealership Locations
  • 9
    Notifications for Successful Bookings
  • 10
    Administration Panel
  • 11
    Multiple Languages
  • 12
    Full Customization

About Techware Lab

Techware Lab provides top design capabilities and software solutions to create industry-specific apps and elevate your business online. Choose the experts in web design and mobile app development to bring your car rental business or car rental app development to the modern world. TRide makes self-drive car rental and car delivery a painless process so users can get to where they need to faster.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I improve my car rental business?

With TRide, you can increase service efficiency, visibility, and improve the customer experience for your car rental business. This online car booking software saves a lot of resources and time, ensuring profit stays in your business. Simplify all customer touchpoints with a powerful platform and user-friendly support.

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