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TDoc: Find and Book
Appointments with
Doctors Online

Say no to long wait times at the doctor’s office. Get the software solution that makes scheduling on-demand doctor’s appointments quick and easy. Our doctor booking software and app will allow you to focus on providing medical care instead of organizing your appointments.

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What Is TDoc?

Tired of navigating the complexities of scheduling doctor’s appointments? TDoc offers users a new tool for managing appointments and generating swift alerts so you never forget a doctor’s visit again. Strengthen the doctor-patient relationship with this easy-to-use and expertly designed app.

Whether you’re a medical practitioner or a hospital owner, we have a medical appointment scheduling solution for you to create the best experiences for your patients. Think of it as the Uber for doctors.


Make Medical Appointment
Scheduling Painless

TDoc’s accessible interface makes timing appointments and staying connected with doctors through a single app seamless. Our patient-centric app or patient scheduling software also lets users search doctors by specialty, services, and qualifications and even check for reviews.


Let Doctors
Take Control

TDoc’s easy sign-in system of accounts allows individual physicians to handle scheduling, profile editing, and report generation through its value-added platform. Have a vacation coming up? Let everyone know in an instant.


Boost Healthcare Access
For Everyone

Techware Labs’ first-ever advanced doctor appointment scheduling software works alongside best-in-class hospitals, doctors, and medical technology. TDoc assures that healthcare is affordable and accessible to everyone.

TDoc Features

  • 1
    Find Nearby Doctors in your Network
  • 2
    Book Appointment with a Tap
  • 3
    View Appointment Slots
  • 4
    View and Book at Multiple Locations
  • 5
    Easily Handle Multiple Doctor Calendars
  • 6
    Drag and Drop Functionality for Quick Appointment Changes
  • 7
    Pre-Built Interfaces to Top Payment Gateways
  • 8
    View Full Booking History
  • 9
    View Previously Patient Rating
  • 10
    Search for Doctors Based on Specialty, Location, Available date, and Particular Health Insurance

About Techware Lab

Techware Lab provides top design capabilities and software solutions that help elevate your business through industry-specific apps. Choose the experts in web design and web/mobile app development to bring the process of booking a medical practitioner to the technological age. TDoc, our doctor appointment app, makes finding doctors a painless process so patients get the healthcare they need when they need it.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is TDoc medical appointment scheduling software?

TDoc provides patients with online booking based on doctors’ real-time availability and offers a better experience for patients and their healthcare practitioners.

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