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TTicket: Take Your
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Never be late to a showing again. TTicket makes online movie ticket booking an easy and reliable process using an intuitive interface built for the modern user experience.

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What Is TTicket?

More moviegoers are saying no to long queues at the theater by booking tickets online in advance. For theater businesses big and small, having an online ticketing app means staying ahead of the game.

TTicket allows theater businesses value-added ticket booking capabilities and management, seat organization, and new audience outreach. This all-in-one movie ticketing software solution is the secret weapon that elevates theaters to center stage and business growth in the modern world.

Empower your users with a solution built for self-discovery. Users can easily search available shows by venue, city, or event, select from a single screen theater or multiplex, and browse the latest reviews, trailers, and other relevant content—all from one location.


Find the Perfect Flick For the Night

TTicket is the perfect place to find your next favorite flick. Access a database of upcoming films, new showtimes, and trending movies and choose the right one based on reviews and ratings or proximity to your location.


Increased Audience Engagement and Participation

The feedback system allows moviegoers to vote on their favorite movies and organize them by genre, format, and language. This interactive feature makes watching a movie a more personalized experience that gets customers coming back.


No More Waiting In Line

Book your favorite showing through the TTicket to secure your spot effortlessly. Choose a seat from the availability chart and complete the payment through credit card or PayPal right from the app.


The Best Way To Book Tickets

Our cinema ticket booking software solution simplifies theatre management. The app’s administrator dashboard handles the entire site, the seat layouts, and the movies currently showing so moviegoers never miss the next best flick.

TTicket Features

  • 1
    User-friendly Design
  • 2
    Location Based Movie Search
  • 3
    Top Trending Movies List
  • 4
    Booking History Details
  • 5
    Now showing and upcoming movies list
  • 6
    Users can view the trailers of the currently running movies
  • 7
    Filter for Advanced Movie Search
  • 8
    Secured and Integrated Payment Gateway
  • 9
    Customizable Full Source Code
  • 10
    Provision for selecting your favorite seat

About Techware Lab

Techware Lab provides best-in-class design capabilities and software solutions that help elevate your business through industry-specific apps, in both iOS and Android. With unparalleled expertise in website design, our dedicated team crafts advanced custom mobile app solutions that will empower your customers through convenient movie booking and value-added theater features for an epic movie-going experience.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is an online movie ticket booking system?

TTicket online movie ticket booking system that allows users to book movie tickets online, while allowing them to search for key details about the movies and theatres. Whether you're looking for movie ticket software for a small independent theatre, a chain, or multiple operators, you can use TTicket. Request your free demo today.

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