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Drive your taxi business to success with TCab taxi management software, the hub for all your taxicab booking needs. Give your clients a centralized experience that makes it easy for them to view service availability, book taxis, and more.

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What Is TCab?

Are you looking for a solution to drive your taxi firm? Techware Lab’s online taxi management application, TCab, delivers an efficient and scalable solution for private taxi hiring companies, allowing you to remotely access and take control of your taxi’s with a single app.

TCab is an online taxi cab management system that simplifies the way taxi service providers connect with their clients. Our platform is built on PHP and uses the Codeigniter Framework, meaning it’s capable of keeping up with increasing demand.

Stay in control from start to finish with a powerful admin panel that gives you full visibility into the entire process.


Gain Full Insight With
the Admin Panel

Administrators can take control in multiple ways with TCab. The app lets businesses manage users and drivers individually, view and filter ride history, organize based on car type, handle promo codes, and even operate in a variety of regions.


Empower Your Customers
When They Book Taxis

Ever need a ride? TCab uses GPS to pick the nearest cabs available and estimate the fare for you. Check the feedback of any drivers in your area to find the perfect ride and even offer your own reviews.


Upgrade the Modern Driver Experience

The dedicated driver app lets clients register and log in to the service. The taxi management system for taxi business lets cabbies manage their own profiles, handle legal documentation, view payment histories, look at the ratings of riders, and check on weekly earnings all in one place.

TCab Features

  • 1
    User & Admin Accounts
  • Separate apps for users and drivers, as well as an administrator panel.
  • 2
    Customized Design
  • Fully customizable app design or new development queries available on request.
  • 3
    Promotional Codes
  • Support for promotional codes.
  • 4
    Rapid Support
  • Customer support for both admins and clients with quick ticket reply
  • 5
  • On-demand apps for other services like food delivery, tow trucks, beauticians, laundry, massage parlors, cleaning services, grocery stores, auto repair, and maids.

About Techware Lab

Techware Lab provides expert design capabilities, mobile app development and software solutions that upgrade your business through industry-specific apps. The company’s technology-driven approach gives cab drivers and ride-seekers the tools to get where they need to go. Combining an unparalleled dedication to client satisfaction and flexibility, TCab makes accessible and scalable cab ride solutions a reality. You won’t need your old-school cab management software with our uber like taxi solution!


Frequently Asked Questions

I own a taxi firm. How can I improve my taxicab management business?

You need the best taxi management system if you want to keep your business organized. This type of software helps you better track and manage everything related to your business, its customers, and more.

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