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Techware Lab: Why (and how) we rebranded

April 2021

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We are proud to share that Techware Software Solution is now Techware Lab. Apart from a new name, we have a new brand identity as well. While this is a significant change, our core beliefs haven’t changed. Our unwavering commitment to our values, our customers and our core philosophy remains the same.

Our new youthful, fresh and confident look better reflects who we are: Innovative. Focused. Reliable. Agile. This is what has always defined us, and this will continue to define us in the days to come.

But why did we decide to rebrand? Let's back-up first.

Why did we rebrand?

We wanted to refresh our style: Last year, we started analyzing our brand identity and discovered that our branding was overwhelming and outdated. It no longer reflected our culture, our people or our work. We just looked like any other software development company when there was so much that differentiated us from our competitors.

Our business has expanded: When we started almost a decade ago, we were a tiny software development company based out of our CEO’s college dorm room. A lot has changed since. Our team has grown, we launched new products and services, we developed in-depth expertise across technologies and expanded our business into most industries. As we evolved and worked with customers across the world, we also wanted to make sure our brand identity reflected the level of strategic thinking and focus that goes into our work.

Our website needed an update: We spend so much time providing great work to our customers that we didn’t take the time to update our own website as often as we should. It was time to practice what we preach. When we finally decided to update our website, we realized it would be best to completely overhaul everything.

In short, we decided to rebrand to represent who we are today and to accelerate our company's success.

Old Logo

How did we rebrand?

Honestly, it’s never the right time to rebrand. It’s definitely disruptive and needs resources, but we knew it was time. Here are some tips based on our experience.

Start with the basics: We went back to the basics. We started by reviewing our mission and our values. In our case, we realized that nothing had changed - we still value our customers and focus on providing innovative solutions that will move their businesses forward.

Check your name: Our name “Techware Software Solutions” was long and boring. We saw how outdated our branding looked. So we started by tackling our name. Everyone in the management team shared their ideas in a brainstorming session. The one thing that we all loved was the idea of introducing the word “lab”. We believed that it described the experience of working with us and how customers can get solutions that are made specifically for their business needs (just like if we were making them in a lab). We also liked the feeling of innovation that came with the word “lab” - it fit perfectly with our commitment to providing innovative solutions to our customers. That’s how the name Techware Lab was born.

Get a new logo: Our logo was clearly outdated and we had decided on a new name, so we worked with our designer to reimagine our logo. We wanted to introduce bold colours and modern typography to show our innovative and friendly culture. After several rounds of designs, we fell in love with our new logo which felt more fun, friendly and our own.

Logo Branding Logo Branding

Review your website, social media and content: Finally, it was time to see if each component of our online presence showcased our new brand. This is the part that took a long time. We redesigned our website, updated our content, created new social media posts, tweaked our messaging, and got our team onboard. Doing all of this allowed us to emphasize our core values and improve our brand identity. Consistency was key!

What now?

A lot of love and hard work went into our rebrand. And these new updates are a small reflection of the big changes we're making across the company to better serve our customers and expand our business. We are opening an office in Canada, building an AI team and launching new products. We will share more information soon!

We’d also like to take the opportunity to thank our customers and business partners. We appreciate your continued confidence in us and your support. Please feel free to reach out with any thoughts, requests, or compliments!

About Techware Lab:

Techware Lab is a boutique software development company. We have delivered our services to clients across the world since 2012 and across most industries. Our services include web and mobile application development, product management, custom software development, eCommerce solutions, enterprise development, business consulting, go-to-market strategy and digital marketing.

Our mission is to provide the best development services for our customers while also continuing to innovate with our white label products and our new approaches to business problems.

For more information, please contact us below.

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