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Our team of skilled developers and analysts know how to unlock the full potential of your data. We optimize your existing online platforms and provide useful recommendations for your website and digital solutions. Partnering with Techware Lab means you have a trusted partner that keeps you on top of your organization’s data analytics, lead generation, and marketing tactics.

Our Web Analytics Services

We offer marketing, strategic, and operational guidance to curate successful analytic diagnostics for your website and digital marketing processes.


Get a deep dive into the digital landscape and marketing efforts of your organization. A full audit of your analytical systems gives us a keen understanding of your business goals, holes, and areas for improvement pertaining to your overall effectiveness in the market.

Have our team monitor the effectiveness of your marketing efforts over a period of time to determine if you are maximizing the appropriate marketing opportunities based on your organization’s capabilities. IHere we discover your web traffic records, quality scores, SEO performance, conversion record, and capital spend.

Our team leverages Google Analytics to drive your website’s digital marketing success. Our team is well-versed in using this platform to measure your campaign results, report on customer engagement, collect and analyze customer data, and track conversions.

To ensure that your team is benefiting from the most modern web design and development practices, we conduct periodic A/B test experiments to compare and contrast the overall experience of your website. Based on our findings, we make the necessary adjustments to improve your user engagement and improve your conversion rates.

Our Approach


Analytics Analysis and Consulting

Here we provide you with a macro analysis of your organization’s current website performance and digital marketing practices. The main purpose of this is to discover the most efficient ways for your organization to drive customer engagement and retention in the most affordable way.


Strategic Planning and Next Steps

In this stage, we take the insights and findings from our previous consultations to devise an actionable plan for improvement. We’ll also look into customer data to understand their deep needs and strategize how to best meet them with a customized measurement strategy.


Implementation and Optimization

We set your website up for tracking success and custom parameters based on your business goals and capabilities. Then, all systems are a go and we provide ongoing support for reiteration in the digital and data analysis process.

What We Analyze




Email Marketing


Paid Ads


Mobile Marketing




Social Media Optimization