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Top 6 reasons why your business needs a chatbot

March 2021

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Nowadays, the world is rapidly drifting towards intelligent business solutions that can make important decisions or perform essential tasks to assist various businesses. A successful business will also think about how to scale while unifying communications between salespeople, customer support teams, and customers. Still, this is easier said than done, right? With chatbots, it’s easier than you think.

Here’s what you need to know about chatbots, your business, and how you can start improving the processes that drive your growth.

What are Chatbots?

Chatbots are computer programs that interact with users. These auto-operating conversational bots artificially replicate human interaction patterns to respond to queries based on the data they are provided with. With the latest technological advancements, chatbots can now handle many types of human interactions.

Chatbots are becoming increasingly popular and are currently most commonly used in messenger applications and social media platforms. Nevertheless, many businesses can easily add chatbots to various departments to improve the customer experience and increase their business.

In short, we decided to rebrand to represent who we are today and to accelerate our company's success.

How Do Chatbots Work?

Chatbots take incoming speech or text and uses programming to settle on the best response. Simple chatbots give answers from a set of frequently asked questions, while advanced chatbots can use AI and/or machine learning to provide customized answers.

Chatbots are similar to live agents who must interact with customers based on a limited range of options. They must also follow company policies and procedures. Chatbots can easily work under the same guidelines and escalate tougher queries to live agents

While the number of businesses that utilize chatbots has grown significantly over the last few years, many are yet to discover the benefits of implementing chatbots for their businesses.

How can chatbots help your business?

Grow your business sales: Businesses know how important it is to help customers during their customer journey to close sales. Since customers expect a quick resolution to their issues and questions, chatbots can help them get immediate help. In turn, customers are able to proceed with making their purchases. We consistently see how chatbots can increase sales by improving click-through rates and conversion rates.

Influence your customers’ purchase decisions: Customers may need help in making purchasing decisions. In these situations, chatbots can recognize customers' interests and offer recommendations to help them make decisions and reduce cart abandonment. These recommendations can also be provided to sales agents to help them clinch a sale.

Improve your customer satisfaction: Since chatbots are online 24/7, they can easily assist customers at any time and can point them in the right direction, such as sharing a help article. Chatbots help settle problems faster and always provide consistent responses which have shown to improve customer satisfaction. This helps free up your team to work on real issues and work on other activities.

Reduce your costs: Chatbots can’t do everything, but they can help reduce your customer queries, save your agents’ time and cut your business’s costs.

Scale your business: By building a resource center for your customers and enabling chatbots to use it, your business can scale more quickly. Chatbots will be able to provide help to customers while also tracking the number of queries, types of queries, resources used, and other data. The customer success teams can use this data to improve their resource center and evaluate their customer segments.

Enhance your lead generation: Chatbots are the perfect tools to enhance your lead generation because they can make suggestions and seamlessly capture important leads. They also reduce the risk of errors or inputting inaccurate lead information.

Start implementing your chatbots today

Instant communication isn’t just important—it’s essential today. After all, you can’t afford to let your team’s unavailability or lack of quick issue resolution impact your business.

Start implementing a chatbot for business and get your team and customers on the same page, while keeping the focus growing your business.

Are you interested in seeing how our chatbot can transform the way you communicate with customers? Book your consultation today and see why businesses love Techware Lab.

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