Why Choose Flutter For Your Mobile App Development?

Why Choose Flutter For Your Mobile App Development?

December 2021

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Mobile app development companies, for the longest time, have had to support multiple platforms in their production cycles. To reach a broad audience, you’d have to develop an iOS version as well as an Android app.

Nowadays, there are solutions out there to shorten the time-to-market for these mobile applications. Flutter, an open-source software development kit, allows you to create a single codebase and use it to quickly compile an Android and iOS version separately. It can also be used for web app development as well as programs for desktop operating systems.

Just last year, the dev kit reached 2 million users already from across the enterprise Android and iOS app development space, some of whom being Google, eBay, Groupon, and other high-profile companies. There’s no reason for your organization to miss out.

How Flutter Works

Flutter is based on the programming language developed by Google known as Dart, which intends to replace JavaScript. Flutter uses a system of widgets that you can easily modify. It’s fairly similar to other object-oriented programming languages like Java in this regard.

Flutter’s mobile SDK is the key to its performance advantage over other options. It does not require a Javascript bridge, enabling a level of responsiveness not seen elsewhere.

Advantages of Using Flutter

Why are there so many Flutter app development companies? In addition to the cross-platform development options, the benefits of using the dev kit are apparent.

High Speed

Speed is everything in today’s demanding market, and Flutter has a unique feature known as “hot reload,” where any changes you make in the code are immediately visible in the app itself. Adding new features, modifying the interface, and fixing bugs are conveniently fast, and getting your programmers to work cohesively with your designers is a cinch.

Strong Performance

Recent studies have shown that Flutter continues to improve itself in terms of performance metrics. For instance:

  • Mouse hit testing was sped up by 15.8 times.
  • Scrolling large static content with Flutter web was sped up 14 times.
  • Flutter engine shell initialization speed went up 6.8 times.
  • Shadows and animations on the web were raised from 30fps to 60fps.

And these are just a few of the improvements. It’s clear that performance will be a high point relative to the competition.

Legacy Compatibility

Operating systems today, even mobile ones, are updated all the time. Companies often have problems getting new software to run on older OSes. Android devices especially tend to run a wide variety of different versions of the mobile OS.

Flutter thankfully makes support for older hardware and software easy. Flutter apps will look the same no matter what version of iOS or Android we’re talking about, saving you time and cost while ensuring a consistent user experience across the board.

Open Source Nature

Thanks to its open-source nature, Flutter has a vibrant community of developers always working to contribute to the platform as a whole. There’s easy access to documentation from the community as well as from Google itself.

Continued Support

Google will continue to support Flutter applications for years to come because Google uses Flutter too for its Fuchsia development project. You won’t need to worry about being stranded since the dev kit will continue to get new bug fixes and releases. Expect new features to come in future iterations as well.

Use Cases For Flutter

These advantages make Flutter an ideal choice for a wide variety of applications. Some of them include, but are not limited to:

  • Shopping and delivery: The usage of food delivery apps and various other on-demand shopping apps has increased significantly during the pandemic. Thankfully, Flutter is the perfect environment for developing these applications thanks to its excellent design and interface tools.
  • Photo editing: Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have increased the demand for photo editing for the average user, and Flutter is the perfect place to develop photo editing apps.
  • Machine learning: A hot topic in tech, machine learning enables an unparalleled level of customization and forecasting. And today, you can integrate features like face or speech recognition into your work with Flutter’s ML plugins like the one from Firebase.
  • Video games: High frame rates and smooth animation matter a lot in the video game industry. Even relatively new features like augmented reality are possible with Flutter. Games made with Flutter have a higher chance of being successful for these reasons.

Examples out in the wild already of apps made with Flutter include Google Ads, the company’s own ad campaign manager; Reflectly, a cognitive behavioral therapy app run features empowered by artificial intelligence; and Pairing, a dating app that matches users based on their communities.

Take Advantage of Flutter’s Features Now

Flutter app development in India is already becoming a significant trend, and there’s no reason for your business to miss out.

With 7 in 10 developers loving this development kit , it’s clear why you need to find talented Flutter developers for your next project.

Are you actively searching for Flutter developers? Techware Lab can fill in the gaps in your team with our roster of experienced Flutter developers. Book a meeting today to see how we can make a difference.

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